• SHCA Annual General Meeting – Board Elections results and Mike O’Brien – Thanks to all who attended!

    by  • December 21, 2016 • Uncategorized

    Thank you to all who attended our Annual General Meeting Wednesday.

    Ann Bieri was re-elected Secretary and Carol Beers was elected Treasurer to the SHCA Board. 

    We were pleased to have Councilmember Mike O’Brien join us and address questions from Ballard residents who attended. Many of the topics impacting our neighborhood were discussed, including the increasing homeless population in Ballard and possible solutions, crime reporting/police response and the need for more police officers in our community and transportation.  

    Thank you to Mike O’Brien, our membership and everyone who came to participate. If you are part of the Sunset Hill community but are not a SHCA member, please consider joining us. Here is our membership page: membership page