• SHCA Annual General Meeting – Follow up from Mike O’Brien’s office

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    Thank you to all who attended our Annual General Meeting Wednesday.

    Ann Bieri was re-elected Secretary and Carol Beers was elected Treasurer to the SHCA Board. 

    We were pleased to have Councilmember Mike O’Brien join us and address questions from Ballard residents who attended. Many of the topics impacting our neighborhood were discussed, including the increasing homeless population in Ballard and possible solutions, crime reporting/police response and the need for more police officers in our community and transportation.  

    We received further information & links from Mike O’Brien’s office about some of the issues brought up at the meeting:

    Below are the questions asked by constituents and our responses based on conversations with staff, City of Seattle departments, and Central staff.

    • Ride the Ducks Safety
      • Constituents have asked what regulations the city can do to ensure “Truck Duck” vehicles from the Ride the Ducks company are as safe as possible, considering the fatal 2015 incident on the Aurora bridge. Ride the Ducks vehicles are known as excursion service carriers. Per WA State law (RCW 81.70.270), the Utilities and Transportation Commission regulates these excursion service carriers with respect to safety of equipment, driver qualifications, and safety of operations. The scope of city code, then, is subject to federal law (49 Code of Federal Regulations) and the Utilities and Transportation Commission’s regulations. “Truck Duck” vehicles, of course, are subject to already established city code in regards to driver safety, traffic laws, and operations of vehicles. Last year, the city council acted on distracted driving (the City of Seattle prohibited drivers from engaging in tour narration and prescribing driving routes in open air vehicles with seating capacity for 16 persons or greater).
    • Shopping Carts in neighborhood
      • Constituents have seen an influx of shopping carts from grocery stores out in the neighborhood. Our office has engaged with four grocery stores about this problem and one suggestion was that the city hires someone to bring the shopping carts back to the grocery stores on a regular basis. Our office is still considering what we can do.
    • Crime Statistics
    • Future paving of arterials
      • Constituents have asked if there is a list of arterials to be paved. Seattle Department of Transportation (SDOT) paving plans through 2024 are available at http://www.seattle.gov/transportation/paving.htm. There’s a map on that page with all of SDOT’s planned major paving projects. For District 6, planned projects include N 36th Street (2019), N 50th Street (2019), E Green Lake Way N (2019), NW Market Street (2020), Leary Way NW (2022), and 15th Avenue NW (2022).
    • Vehicular Living
      • Constituents are concerned about people living in their vehicles in the neighborhood. Our office is currently convening a Vehicular Living Workgroup to address these concerns.

    Thank you to Mike O’Brien, our membership and everyone who came to participate. If you are part of the Sunset Hill community but are not a SHCA member, please consider joining us. Here is our membership page: membership page