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Ayurveda Fair POSTPONED to 10/17/20

Ayurveda Fair POSTPONED to 10/17/20

This will be the 7th Annual Ayurveda Fair in Seattle. This is a free event and aims to educate the Seattle Community about the Ancient Healing Science of Ayurveda. Ayurveda is a 5,000 year old healing system from India that addresses the body, mind, and spirit for maintaining health and re-establishing health and vitality when it has been lost.

Enjoy speakers throughout the day sharing different aspects of Ayurveda, including Ayurvedic Approach to Cancer, Ayurvedic Beauty Care, and Ayurvedic Cleansing Tips to Heal Your Digestion.

Mingle with Ayurvedic Practitioners, Astrologer,s and Herbalists at their booths. There will be free Ayurvedic samples, teas, and treats, and amazing herbs, oils, books, and other beautiful and healthful items to purchase.

A traditional and delicious Ayurvedic meal of Kitchari will be available to all for a $5 donation.

One Free raffle ticket will be given to each attendee of the Fair to win Ayurvedic Treatments or Products! Additional tickets can be purchased to increase your odds of winning.

Come spend the day with your healing community and walk away with new tools, insights and inspiration to heal yourself. Bring your family and friends!

Acccessibility info:
The lower entrance is accessible by wheelchair and has an elevator to the upper floor. This venue is not scent free.

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