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Join the Sunset Hill Community Association

We invite you to become a Sunset Hill Community Association member and, if you can, volunteer to be on the board of trustees. Membership is open to all. As a member, you get a discount on certain events and a personal stake in the future of your historic community clubhouse. If you have any particular interests or abilities, for example, as a treasurer or event planner, or if you just want to help out in general, consider joining the board. We’d love to meet you.


Current SHCA Board of Trustees

Co-Presidents: Ann Bieri & Rosemary Byrne
Vice President: Pam McCarthy
Secretary: Victoria Loe
Treasurer: Carol Beers
Building Committee Chair: John Munroe
At Large: Robert Loe, Sharon Giampietro

Please direct all inquiries to

Fill out the membership form and submit your annual dues online or by mail

SHCA’s membership year is from January to December. Dues may be paid annually, or for a two- or three-year period. The easiest way to join is to fill out the SHCA Membership Form on this page and pay securely online with PayPal. Currently, memberships are either “individual” or “household.” A household has up two voting memberships.


Individual Memberships $30 – 1 year



Individual Memberships $50 – 2 years



Individual Memberships $75 – 3 years




Household Memberships $40 – 1 year



Household Memberships $70 – 2 years



Household Memberships $100 – 3 years



If you would prefer you can also download and fill out the SHCA Membership Form and mail it to “SHCA, 3003 NW 66th Street, Seattle, WA 98117” with a check made out to “Sunset Hill Community Association.”


What are the membership options and dues?
In the near future, we plan to revisit our membership structure. Currently, memberships are either “individual” or “household.” A household has up two voting memberships. Dues can be paid annually, or for a two- or three-year period:
Individual $30 – 1 year, $50 – 2 years, $75 – 3 years
Household $40 – 1 year, $70 – 2 years, $100 – 3 years

Who can join?
Anyone can join and be a member of SHCA, whether you live in Sunset Hill or not. To be a voting member, however, you must reside between 24th Avenue NW and Puget Sound, and NW Market Street and NW 85th Street. Voting members choose the Board of Trustees and SHCA officers for the coming year in the annual election.

When are the meetings?
General meetings are held from time to time throughout the year and are usually combined with a potluck dinner, bingo party, etc. Every January an annual board election and membership meeting is held. Board meetings are usually held the fourth Wednesday of most months, from 7–9pm at the clubhouse. Check out the SHCA Community Calendar for more information.

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